A downloadable game for Windows

This is 3d open world exploration game based on the house used in the film Ex-Machina. You get to enter into the world and get to see yourself the house design and explore different rooms inside the house. You can pickup objects and move them around. This is just a prototype made inside Unreal Engine 4.

Published Jun 23, 2016
Tags3D, Exploration

Install instructions

Download the file, double click to open the zip file and then extract the file inside it to you desired location. After the extraction is done go to the file extracted destination and play the executable file (.exe)


Serenity Game.zip 549 MB


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Definitely remniscent of Ex Machina. Nice job designing.


Thank you bro for play testing my game I really appreciate it. By the way you could interact with all the items placed on the shelves and on the table. You can pick them up and toss them around that is what the mouse click does. Baymax was placed in the level because I really like that character.